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Hello, my name is Shylee and I am 10 years old. I am currently a student and my goal today is to demonstrate my good deeds and amazing acts I have done for my community. I am currently helping a startup nonprofit organization.


Our goal is to keep students-in-need stay in school by providing them with financial assistance. We buy their “A” and “A+” grades in return for money. Our website will have a shopping cart, but not to sell products, instead to give back money. Students can use their grades to add money to their shopping carts. Once approved by their college, money is transferred to their accounts. The ultimate goal is to keep students who are unfortunate at school and to minimize dropouts.


I have always wanted to help a non-profit organization, but I didn't know how. Selling lemonade or cookies didn’t interest me, so I decided to aim for something higher. I, therefore, spent almost two years of my life to achieve a bigger accomplishment, so I wrote this book.


It would be very thoughtful if you would consider and help me achieve my goals. Such generosity would help me later in my life to give back to our society. You can help me by purchasing my book or at the same time donating money but that is optional. To order the book you can buy it from Amazon or directly from the publisher by clicking here.